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Bar Counters

Bar counters is basically used for serving drinks. Counters that are provided by the bar for their patrons with stools and chairs by good look and feel can be known as bar counters. When the patrons sat on the chairs, and stools at bar counters the area behind bar counter with shelves of glasses and bottles can be known as “Back bar.” The person who serves the patrons at bar counters are said to be as bartender.
Depending upon the size of the bar counters, alcohol is served by bartenders at the bar counters with the combination of two or more. Many a time the patrons sits at the bar counter and enjoys the live band, vocalist, comedian or disc jockey playing recorded music.
Here at Raunak kitchen Equipment’s, we manufacture counters according to the client’s demand and need. We are serving and developing bar counters with our three offices, head branch at Mumbai, one in Mangalore, and the other one at Udupi. For more information about bar counters manufacturing please contact us.